Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies In Bangalore

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Long back, shopping used to be exhausting. With digitalization, you can now add a product to the cart, proceed towards payment and expect it to your doorstep within 24 hours! Such powerful digitalization has become. But this not only benefited the customers, but also the suppliers.

To understand how suppliers got benefited from the advent of digitalization, we first need to know what digital marketing is. Most of you know what it means but then there are others too in the crowd who just joined. So, this knowledge for those people too.

Any form of online marketing that takes place through the internet/mobile phones/social media platform can be defined as Digital Marketing.

In India, there are more than 1500 digital marketing agencies right now. This number is growing each and every week and one can find the most digital marketing agencies in the 5 metropolitan cities. Bangalore, treated as the Silicon Valley Of India has some great digital marketing agencies that cater to both national and international brands across different industries. The below-mentioned list is not in the order, but they are all really good. This list is just for Bangalore. So stay connected with me as I am going to come up with the lists of other cities very soon! 

1. Webchutney

Founded In The Year: 1999

Headquarters: Richmond, Bangalore

CEO(Co-founder): Siddharth Rao

Webchutney, a group of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) is one of the oldest, leading, and most acclaimed digital marketing agencies in Bangalore. Apart from Bangalore, it has spread its wings in major cities like Mumbai and Delhi. With almost 200 Digital Marketing professionals, the company works with the country’s well-known big brands like P&G, Airtel, Microsoft, MasterCard, Gamble, Barclays, Swiggy, Uber and etc..,


The complete suite of digital marketing services, web designing services, content marketing services and etc..,


DMAI awards for its projects in Standard Chartered, Cleartrip, and Remit2India.

2. DigiCliff

Headquarters: New Thippasandra, Bangalore 

Director: Balaji Ramanathan

DigiCliff, a versatile digital marketing solutions provider in Bangalore, provides scalable interactive digital marketing solutions. It has its branches in Chennai and Madurai. Right from the education sector to real estate, they cater to technologically superior digital marketing services to various B2B and B2C domains. With exceptional client reviews, it served companies like HCL, PUMA, Wipro, Tata Teleservices, and etc…,

3. Alive now 

Headquarters: Indiranagar, Bangalore

Founder And CEO: Advith Dhuddu

Alive now, being chosen as one of the emerging IT service providers in India by Nasscom, has HardRock Cafe, Mahindra, Hyundai, Nandos, ITC, SanDisk, TITAN, Durex, Pepsi, HTC, HONDA and several other big heads as its clients. It provides digital marketing, app development, virtual reality, and website development services. The company works with both smaller and global brands.


Alive now made its place in the Businessworld magazine’s list of 25 hottest start-ups. As the youngest CEO of the nation’s top 20 entrepreneurs, Advith Dhuddu made his name on the cover page of India Today in the year 2012, besides this in the year 2013, Dhuddu won the prestigious social media professional award.


4. DigitalLove

Headquarters: Domlur, Bangalore 

Founder And CEO: SureshBabu

DigitalLove being a leading provider and an old hand digital marketing service provider in Bangalore is a Google certified partner. Its core strengths are SEO ranking, market research, lead generation, lead conversion, and etc…, 

The other name for DigitalLove is the lead generation machine. True! That’s what their clients call them. Based on the client’s nature of the business, DigitalLove formulates unique marketing strategies that help their clients to achieve business targets and optimize their profits. It also provides training in modules like SEM, SEO, SMO, and etc….,

5. Iclass services

Headquarters: Bangalore

Founder And CEO: Indra Sena

This digital company is also one of the most soughed digital media companies in India, providing services to all the domains. Within the few years of their arrival in the market, they have changed the face of the digital media industry. With its strong people-centric approach, Digicia technologies convert their clients to brand loyalists and evangelists. They use cost-effective tools and technologies that are easier to measure, engage, and manage.  

This agency implements innovation as an innate part of their company’s culture. They speak with words, but not in numbers. 


Website development, logo designing, content management, digital marketing services and etc.., 

6. Webenza

Headquarters: Whitefield, Bangalore

Founder And CEO: Puneet Pahuja

With it’s out of the box “Work is fun” strategy, Webenza has given its wings to creativity and passion. This helped them to outperform and yield exceptionally best results within a span of 3 years. With less than fifty personnel, they have served clients like Classic, Portea, ClearTrip, Titan, Sulekha, Bajaj and etc..,

7. WAT Consult

WAT consult a division of Dentsu Aegis Network is a renowned digital media agency, is known for delivering creative social media campaigns.


Online Reputation Management, Digital Marketing, Mobile app, digital analytics, and etc..,


IMAI award for the best social media campaign for the Bestseller group.

For the best social media and PR activities, it has bagged the PRSI award.

Youth marketing award for the best digital marketing campaign for Jack and Jones and etc..,

8. Ralecon

Headquarters: Bangalore

CEO: Sethuraman AP

Ralecon, with diverse clients from almost 10 countries is a Google and Bing certified partner that offers complete digital marketing solutions to its customers. Irrespective of the project size, they treat every brand with equal importance. Ralecon’s in-house marketing research and campaign design departments assure that clients are provided with digital marketing solutions that are unique.


e-Qatar, petals, Indian school of business, leads 2 dollars and etc…,

9. 22/4

Headquarters: Domlur, Bangalore

Founded By: Manish Singh

“Focus just on your product, we take care of the rest” this is the innovative motto in which 22/4 lives in and breaths.


Website development, content management, digital marketing, logo branding, user interface designs for designs and etc..,

10.Geek Creative Agency

Headquarters: Indiranagar, Bangalore

Founded By: Manyak Agarwal

This creative agency works across all forms of media such as print, digital, and broadcast. They have a huge ability to optimize their online campaigns according to the device. They have one self-proclaimed mission which helps B2C and B2B companies to establish, shape their brand names and their products. This agency is always on the outlook for clients who share their creative outlook on storytelling and communication.


Advertising, 360° Campaigns, Print, Television, Digital, E-Commerce, Animation, Content Creation, Online PR, Media Planning & Buying, Web Analytics, Mobile, Tablets, and etc..,


2010 – Big Bang Awards

Silver award for the website Britannia Bourbon and the game application Bunny Blues

Gold award for the viral application for kingfisher superstars

2011 – Big Bang Awards

Silver award for the corporate film (Audio Visual Medium) for Wipro cleantech services

Gold award for the website Fastrack sweet no more and etc..,

2012 – Big Bang Awards

Gold award for the recruitment campaign (any media) for The Coolest Job, and for the F&B collaterals for the Biere Club.

Bronze award for the online campaign of Miller High Life


Demonetization even made the roadside vendors use digital methods of payment. This alone concludes that digitalization is booming in India. With this growing digitalization, each and every company in India right now craves to have a digital footprint and would love to market themselves online. Hence it is crystal clear that the demand for digital marketing agencies is hugely growing.


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