Top 5 Institutes for Digital Marketing in Chennai

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Are you from the Detroit city of India, Chennai, looking to leap into the fast-growing digital marketing field but don’t know which institute to learn from? Then this is the right guide for you.! Read On.

India, the world’s second populous country in the world, due to the availability of smartphones and desktops at lower prices, has given rise to a significant number of people getting onto online space. Businesses who were once local want to scale up to a national and international level because the online space has given them the opportunity. But the opportunity comes with a restriction, what are they? the technology to reach, and the people to leverage the opportunity to grow. 

Are these people readily available, yes to an extent, but the demand is not meeting the supply, but your skills can be the supply for that demand and get handsomely paid for it? We are going to remind you that it is not something just pick up and deliver kind of a thing; the skill that you acquire is something you should work hard for and give your 100%, but there requires guidance from professionals in this field who already has good experience in doing so. This is what we will explore here, The Top 5 institutes that can help you become a professional digital marketer.


1. Indras Academy:-

Indras Academy-Logo

Originally from India’s IT capital, and where the vacancies are of a vast number. Well, who are they? What can you expect from them? They specialize in training students in Digital Marketing, Data Science, and RPA, which impressed us that they trained nearly 4000+ students and further placed them in Small to Big MNCs with good packages. Their trainer Indrasena is an exceptional trainer with seven years of experience in digital marketing and advertising. His team of trainers knows how to handle the right marketing techniques for specific brand campaigns. And they have been building a thriving digital marketing student base for nearly a decade now. They offer online and offline digital marketing training to you. 

They train you on SEO, website designing, content writing, blogging, social media marketing, etc. And we can do it at affordable rates.


Coming to what you can expect?

  • Placement after completion of classes.
  • Learning from an expert with a strong experience working with various industries in Digital marketing
  • Regularly updated Notes matching the trends.
  • Hands-On Live Projects
  • Online and Offline training.
  • Affordable pricing with weekdays and weekend batches.

If you are looking to grow your business or want to learn digital marketing skills, then look no further than      Indras Academy, where you can get the best education for digital marketing. 

Hiring and learning from an experienced and skilled trainer is the ideal way to practice and make sure you are always getting the most out of your career. So you can walk into a lot of interviews feeling relaxed and confident and succeed and this is one we believe a lot. But before you go and leave, take a look at our research on other institutes as well.

2. FITA:-

Fita Academy - SAP School

It is among the ideal Training Institutes at Chennai that supplies Digital Marketing training that suits any top Marketing agency. This allows you to business prepared and equipped with all of the tips and secrets, making you a professional marketer. Their course aims to introduce marketers and students to the next level of Digital Marketing, including content marketing, paid media marketing, eCommerce, social media marketing, SEO, and website development.

What can you expect?

  • Good Training
  • Free Seminars
  • Experienced trainers and Content Marketers.


3. Infinix:-

infiniX is a leading Digital Marketing firm specialized in Digital Marketing Services and Training. They are a full-fledged platform that providing real-time exposure in Digital Marketing center concepts. Their digital advertising class in Chennai is conscientiously devised, covering all the essential modules of Digital Marketing to make sure the student improve their skills. And get placed.


To expects:-

-Good Training

-Chance to work with people who are taking in live clients.

– Experienced trainers


4. Think IT Training:-

Think IT Training (@thinkittraining) | Twitter


It is among those renowned digital advertising and marketing training associations with an up-to-date and clear understanding of the business point of view, offering the very best training program like our No.1 Choice of Training academy. They take all the efforts to design the program according to the trend, which likewise guarantees that it matches the existing business situation and the companies’ expectations with a first-class training program.



  • Placement assistance for all qualified candidates
  • Training materials at no additional cost.
  • Real-time projects
  • Affordable Fees.

5. Skartec:-

No.1 Digital Marketing Course in Chennai - SKARTEC

SKARtec Digital Marketing Institute is one of the foremost institutes in Chennai. By devoting the perfect tools and guidance to their students, the institute encourages them to work on live projects and assignments, which may help them get into Digital marketing roles. Their alumni rate them 4.9/5 stars, which is fascinating.



  • Wide range of topics
  • Expert Trainers
  • Lifetime access study materials, 
  • Training in premium tools


Final Note:-

It doesn’t matter which organization you join or not; you need to dedicate yourself entirely dedicate to the cause and the field. Marketing may be new to you, or you were forced to take it up, but succeeding solely rests in your hands.



The list of organizations that are listed are just the writer’s personal choice and opinion, we did not intend to discredit any organizations or institutes that are listed or not listed here.


All the best for your future.!


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