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“Our mission is to help you get a better understanding of Digital and Online Marketing.”

Wow, thanks for checking out the “About Us” Page. This site is for Newbie Bloggers, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Digital Marketing enthusiasts. The author of this blog is Indrasena Nandayala.  Mr.Indra is an affiliate marketer, professional blogger, a tutor, and a businessman. He started his Digital Marketing career in 2012 and grew from an Intern to a Digital Marketing Manager in a matter of two years and then started his training center and took his ambitions further by offering SEO services through his own company called Digicia. He had marketed and built branding for several businesses in the last eight years and worked for several reputed companies. He then started Digital Indra site as a pet project in 2017.

Mr.Indra is Bangalore’s leading Digital Marketing Trainer. Combining the mix of mentorship and a good business strategy, Mr.Indra trains the next generation of highly motivated Digital Marketers. He is the founder of Indrasacademy (a classroom type of teaching) and has three training centers in Bangalore where he tutored more than 5000 Digital Marketing professionals in the last five years then placed them in top MNCs, some students started their own business or freelanced their skills.

This blog is about Digital Marketing and other marketing concepts that are initially executed practically in our business and then brought to you in the form of text and images. We can guarantee that these posts are 100% researched, and it practically works. Soon this blog will be updated often, fingers crossed.

Moreover,  if you would like to see something else on this site, like a blog post or video(We are getting there), just let us know. Your feedback, criticism is always welcomed and appreciated. You can comment on one of our posts, and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. 

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