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The marketing and sales scenario have completely changed since the arrival of social media. Before social media the main ways of getting leads in marketing and sales were door to door visits, advertisements in newspaper, radio and television which provided limited coverage and audiences. It’s been 22 years since CERN made the Word Wide Web technology available to everyone royalty free. The internet is no more in its infancy and it now allows us to look at photos of other people’s food, watch new recipes, keep in touch with your friends and family, and order things from the comfort of the house.

Social media provides businesses with another way to target, communicate and reach with their audience. Social media and social networking are an important aspect of everyone’s life. As these platforms continue to grow, they become important pieces of the online architecture and experience that reshape the way brands engage with their consumers. With Facebook, Instagram and twitter becoming so popular today anyone can get their products and brand seen by more people throughout the world, grow a strong following of customers who really relate to their brand and also voice their opinion.

1.Take Advantage of Instagram’s Environment

Instagram is used for brand interactions, engagement and personality. The platform continues to be an environment of sharing, liking, tagging and commenting. If you want a perfect network to boost audience engagement and  promote your brand, Instagram is the palace to be.

2.Professionally Showcase Your Brand Personality

When you want to showcase your brand clearly distinguish between your personal Instagram account to your professional one. People don’t want to know about your selfies or your recent holiday trip, they want to know more and more about your business, products and services so try never to appear on your business Instagram page and render to the customer need of information by providing detailed information of what they are interested in.

3.Make Your Username Simple & Searchable

Simple, relevant and catchy username never skips a customer mind, the majority of customers know they can probably find you by doing a quick search on Instagram Explore. Make sure to make it as painless as possible to find you. Use same profile names across all your networks. Keep all your social media handles consistent and simple by following these best practices:

  • Simple and easy to spell
  • Same across social networks
  • Will last forever
  • True to your brand and company values
  • No underscores, special characters or numbers
  1. Don’t Cut Corners on Your Instagram Bio

As it goes with your username being simple and searchable same goes for your bio. Bio is where you write about the purpose of your business in a concise and clear way and let the customer know what you do and how you do. Bio is one of the important ways to promote your business on Instagram.

  1. Make Instagram #Hashtags Your Best Friend

Hashtags are the most popular source to search and increase visibility on Instagram. Hashtags should be relevant and keep searching up for new hashtags in your industry and also keep a watch on the hashtags which your competitors are using. They are a great way to promote your business

6.Have an Instagram Theme

A theme is typically a colour or design pallet or a style of photo that your Instagram reflects. It shows that your posts are consistent and makes your account pleasing.

Be consistent with the type of content that you post. You want to post photos and content that will get more traffic to your page and keep your followers coming back.

  1. Show Users Where You’re Located & Where You Visit

Location is very very important whenever you post something new on Instagram. Always tag your location when you post on Instagram. Tag your store’s location, tag the location of an event you participated in or even tag the city you are located in.

Tagging your location will increase your discoverability. People search by location in Instagram to find businesses near them. You want your posts to show up here especially if you are a local business.

You can add a location any and every time you post! Simply click “add location” before you post. A list will come up of recent or current locations. Choose your state, city or actual address!

  1. Focus on Recognition

Recognition of the brand is much much more important than your actual sales. The motive of any business is always higher sales leading to more profits but before that comes the marketing of the brand wherein people should be well aware about your products and services. Try to present your products on Instagram and other social media handles in such a way that if a customer is thinking to buy that product or use that service your brand name should instantly click in the mind. So think deeply that how are you going to present it on Instagram, like with attractive photos, appealing #hashtags, previous customers reviews and comments.

  1. Request and share user generated content

Sharing content created by your followers can also be a great way to promote your Instagram account. Or rather, it’s a great way to get followers to promote it. Those who have their content shared will likely re-post it for their followers to see, giving you more exposure.

Use the content that your followers produce. A lot of user generated content is high quality. Repost it on your Instagram page!

This is great for you because it saves you time, can get you more followers and boost your brand.

10. Run a contest or giveaway

A study suggests that brands that run contests grow their followings 70% faster than those that don’t. Contests and giveaways are a great way to engage a customer to your brand if done correctly. Try doing it once to test the water and see how you want to go ahead in the long term.

  1. Give promotional updates

Are you going to hold an online or in-store sale? Is a popular item of yours back in stock? Are you introducing a brand new product or service? These are all things you can share on Instagram and create excitement about. Excitement creates engagement and results in re-posts, both of which boost exposure.

While it can be beneficial to share these kinds of updates periodically, be careful not to bombard your audience. You never want people to feel pressured into purchasing or to think you only care about making sales. Balance promotional content with other types including informational or fun posts.

  1. Keep Followers Updated

Updates keep people engaged with your content and keep them coming back. Not only do you want to gain new followers but you want to retain the ones you already have.

Post about new products to get followers excited or if a sold out product is back let them know. Whatever the case, always be transparent. This is the number one way to earn the trust of your followers. This helps you build a community of people who love your brand.

13.Engage with Your Followers

When people comment on your posts, ask questions or direct message your brand’s Instagram account, you need to engage with them. This means following people back, responding to comments, replying to messages, follow your supporters back and reposting their content3

Liking a follower’s posts can have a domino effect. Their followers may see that you liked one of their photos which can lead to them checking out your Instagram and you gaining a follower.

Interacting with your followers can make your brand come across as more than a brand. Your followers will start to get a sense of your personality.

Reply to every comment that you can especially if you are a small business even if it is just a simple thank you!

14.Don’t Be Afraid to Jump on a Popular Trend

Trends do come and go but while they’re popular, they can be powerful tools for you. This could be something as simple as using a new Instagram feature or something as silly as doing the latest viral challenge.

A humorous approach to trends is especially useful when it comes to getting people to repost your Instagram content, thus getting your name out there. Plus, using corresponding hashtags can drastically increase your reach.

15.Utilize Stories & Highlights

Don’t be scared to use the Instagram story feature. This is a great way to show your followers what you are doing on a daily basis.

Instagram stories can help retain followers by keeping them engaged. Probably one of the coolest things you can do is to save your Instagram stories as highlights.

Highlights allow you to keep your stories displayed on your profile forever. You can use any previous stories to create a highlight because they are all saved in your Instagram archive or create a completely new one.

The purpose of an Instagram story is to engage your audience and keep them coming back to your page for updates.

16.Promote Your Instagram Page on Other Platforms

Cross promoting your Instagram is one of these easiest ways to gain followers. You can promote it on other social media sites like Facebook.

For example, if you have more followers on Facebook than you do on Instagram, encouraging your Facebook fans to follow you can result in tremendous follower growth!

In addition to cross promotion on social media you should have your social media icons displayed on your website so that they are easily accessible.

Follow this easy steps and try to promote your page ,make sure that your feed stand out and your followers keep coming back to you. Keep doing the hit and trial method to see what works best for you. Happy Instagraming!!!!


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