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The sky is the limit to learn. Long back when you wanted to learn something new, you would either go to school/college for it. Today, not only educational institutions but also experts in almost every field are creating online courses and are sharing their knowledge to the global audience. The more the good the institute, the more they charge. Also, many people hardly find time to learn full-time college courses; hence, online courses have become helpful and popular. Just with a tap on your gadget, you can find numerous online courses. The problem is that with countless choices out there, it becomes difficult for you to figure out which platform suits you the best. Hence, based on the quality, traffic, and popularity, we have mentioned the ten most popular high-quality educational websites for you to upgrade your skills and navigate through this expanding world of technology. Right from the freshman level to advanced level, set no bounds for learning. Ready, set, go, choose, learn!


Founded In The Year: 2012

Course Categories: Business, Computer Science, Math and Logic, Personal Development, Arts and Humanities, Data Science and etc..,

Coursera provides hundreds of specializations in thousands of courses from over 140 of the country’s top universities and organizations. Right from data science to musical theory, you can avail the certification for the course you wish for. Every course is taught by the world’s best universities such as The University Of Pennsylvania, University Of Michigan, Stanford University, etc..,

The delivery format of these courses includes recorded video lectures, auto-graded and peer-reviewed assignments, weekly quizzes, monthly assignments, community discussion forums, etc..,. Make your learning more manageable and straightforward by downloading the mobile app of Coursera. Once the course is completed, you will receive a shareable electronic course completion certificate.

2. Udemy

Founded In The Year: 2009

Total Number Of Courses: 1,00,000 +

Course Categories: Difficult to pin down. Almost all the courses.

Udemy is one of the leading, popular, and the largest learning website. It offers both free and paid courses in its wide range of topics. Further, it allows users to build custom courses from lessons. This site has professors from top schools, and it ultimately emphasizes on high-quality content.

An average of 800 new courses is being added to Udemy almost every month. By reading the reviews of former students, you can sign up for your favorite course on Udemy. Download the mobile app and learn your lessons whenever you wish. There is no need to worry regarding the paid courses on this website as Udemy offers huge discounts all the time.

3. Lynda

Founded In The Year: 1995

Course Categories: Animation, business, development, design, photography, marketing, video, audio/music, etc..,

For those who are striving to learn skills that are related to technology, software, business, creativity, etc.., is your perfect destination learning hub. It has its tutorials in five languages and is now owned by LinkedIn. initially offers a trial period of about 30 days. It later provides a premium subscription membership at a highly reasonable price. For those who prefer visual learning, this platform is apt.

4. Khan Academy

Founded In The Year: 2006

Course Categories: Maths, economics, science, humanities, computer programming, history, etc..,

It was founded by the educator Salman Khan, this non-profit educational organization partnered with many post-secondary schools. The mission of this academy is to present cheap and best education for everyone across the globe.  

Khan Academy has partnered with NASA, the Museum of Modern Art, the California Academy of Sciences, and MIT. This website offers video and text-based materials and practice assignments, along with a personalized learning dashboard in 36 different languages. This learning dashboard empowers Khan Academy’s learners to study at their own pace both inside and outside of the classroom.

5. Code Academy

Founded In The Year: 2011

Course Categories: Coding on languages like PHP, JavaScript, Python, Jquery, etc..,

This is a teaching website which is wholly dedicated for coding. Using supportive groups and gamified point system, Code Academy teaches their learners on how to code at a swift pace.

One stupendous thing is that by the time learners finish the course, they would start building and deploying the projects. Learners will have a dashboard wherein they can track and monitor their progress. Learners can join some dedicated groups and communities, which helps them to get connected with the members of their niche and thus enhance their learning process.

6. edX

Founded In The Year: 2002

Course Categories: Psychology, computer science, engineering, marketing, maths, biology, and any other field of interest.

A non-profit educational website edX is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) provider. Founded by Harvard University and MIT, similar to Coursera, this website offers high-quality education training programs that are well-curated and well-delivered from almost the world’s 90 leading educational institutes. This includes Harvard, Berkley, University Of Queensland, etc.., On the successful completion of the course, edX issues an official credential from the institute that is signed by the instructor.

7. Udacity

Founded In The Year: 2011

Course Categories: Technology courses like data science, web development, android, ios, software engineering, etc..,

This website has well-crafted selected courses with a strong focus on technology. If you want to make a career in Data Science, then this website has impressive teachers from companies like Salesforce and Facebook. With a highly affordable fee structure, this e-learning website is way cheaper compared to traditional learning. With Udacity’s pricing structure, you can pay for your courses every month.

8. FutureLearn

Founded In The Year: 2012

Course Categories: Law, business, art, history, literature, teaching, media, and so on.

Futurelearn, which is a part of the open university, offers course programs from leading educational institutions and organization partners. You can learn the courses at your own pace using your mobile or desktop.

This website gives its students a social learning opportunity wherein they can discuss with their peers regarding the course.


Founded In The Year: 2012

Course Category: Web Development

If you want to learn quickly, then Blog is for you. A highly structured flexible education training program that is personalized for every individual in Blog runs for some months wherein you have to contribute 3-4 hours every day. They promise money back if the trainee doesn’t acquire the skills to conquer their career. They also promise you to make industry ready within six months of program completion. However, you don’t get these courses at a low price.

10. Stanford Online

When it comes to high-quality courses, Stanford Online is a great website. This website offers numerous professional online courses that are taught by Stanford faculty to all the global learners. With a little fee, every course is highly affordable compared to the expenditure of the entire course cost at Stanford.


If you are researching for a platform to learn and upgrade new skills without sacrificing tons of money and time, then these websites act as your savior. Enhance your talent with these websites and do let us know if there are any other platforms better than these 10. We would, in fact, be happy to hear suggestions and inputs from you.

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